e-Knowledge Gateway Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

The aim of the e-Knowledge Gateway (eKG) is to provide HA professional staff an easy one-stop access to selected external evidence and internal knowledge. All materials published in eKG, including design, photographs, illustrations and texts, remain the property of the Hospital Authority Head Office, Knowledge Management Unit.

Databases (e.g. Medline) and electronic journals available for searching on eKG are protected by copyright laws. The Knowledge Management Unit has obtained collective licenses from the commercial database vendors for the viewing, printing and downloading of reasonable quantity of data or journal articles resulting from searching. The copied materials should only be used for internal research, training or personal study. Systematic or excessive downloading of materials and their re-distribution are strictly prohibited. The above terms however may vary with different publishers of databases. Please read and observe the different licensing conditions and copyright information displayed at the appropriate log-in screens on eKG.

For the convenience of staff, resources from useful third party web sites are linked from eKG. You should note that copyright works on the Internet are equally entitled to copyright protection. Copying or storing such materials without permission of the copyright owner will infringe copyright. eKG users are advised to comply with the copyright and copying instructions from individual Web sites.

While due care is exercised in maintaining the links to external third party web sites on eKG, it does not imply endorsement of these sites by the Hospital Authority. The Authority makes no warranties concerning the completeness, clinical efficacy or value of the resources collected and accepts neither the responsibility of the accuracy of the materials collected by third party web sites, nor liability over the misuse of the materials when they constitute copyright infringements of third party patents, copyrights, trademarks, whenever applicable.

Links to Internet sites are provided for information and reference only. Users are advised to make their own clinical discretion, judgement and expertise in determining the accuracy, reliability and use of the information provided or accessed via eKG.

The accuracy of the addresses of third party Web sites would be verified on a regular basis, but the Authority accepts no responsibility of any changes or errors in the Web addresses contained in this site.


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